Legal Community and KLS

KLS Overview

For legal counsel, business executives turn to the nation’s top lawyers. For financial counsel, the nation’s top lawyers turn to us.

Why? Because law professionals are intrinsically drawn to our core mission: provide smart, unbiased advice while integrating and executing on all aspects of a person’s financial affairs. In recent years, a number of other institutions have created legal specialty groups. So what continues to make us different?

We don’t sell. We manage and advise.

Unlike brokerage houses, investment management firms, other financial advisors and private banks who sell proprietary products and services or are product-compensated, we are not paid broker fees, finder fees or commission for insurance placement, securities transactions, or real estate financing. Why does this matter? Our clients are our sole priority and we focus exclusively on their needs. Because we're not paid by any source other than our clients when choosing a financial solution, we are able to put the needs of our clients at the forefront every time. Furthermore, as an investment firm, we have full "open architecture" and are able to incorporate investments and managers of all kinds into a portfolio where appropriate. Similarly, for insurance, home financing and credit needs, we thoroughly research the market to ensure that you receive the best product to suit your needs at the best price.

We know our clients.

For over twenty years, KLS has worked with attorneys from top firms at all professional stages – from partnership admission to retirement and beyond. We understand that the demands of your profession leave you with little time to attend to your personal financial matters. We also know that there are significant factors affecting your financial future: increasing risk and complexity in financial markets, uncertain capital gains and income taxes and economic pressure on law firm business models, which influence compensation, retirement and pension arrangements.

At the foundation of our service is an intensive one-on-one relationship between you and your KLS advisor. We explore your personal philosophies, your objectives and your family dynamics while conducting a thorough analysis of your tax position, estate plan, savings capabilities, investment portfolio, insurance coverage, firm benefits and retirement plans.

We integrate.

We understand that your life is dynamic and so are your financial decisions. That’s why we look at all the dimensions of your financial picture in totality:

  • Investment Management
  • Life Insurance
  • Benefits and Compensation
  • Mortgage Financing
  • Estate Planning
  • Retirement Planning

Advising on and strategically implementing all aspects of your financial life is at the core of what we do. Every time. For every client.

Please click here to see our Client Service Overview.

We execute.

The majority of our clients are extraordinarily busy. We respect that your time is valuable, and that even the best advice must be coupled with execution and ongoing management. Once a plan is agreed upon, we make sure things get done by:

  • Following through on investment decisions across all accounts
  • Repositioning life insurance coverage
  • Securing refinancing or obtaining a mortgage
  • Advising on and implementing any personal financial matter
  • Anticipating and responding when you need us
Small firm attention. Big firm capabilities.

As one of the nation’s largest fee-only advisors by assets under management, we are able to leverage our size to offer clients institutional pricing. However, our relatively small ratio of clients to advisors allows us to offer added value in the following ways:

  • Personal knowledge of you and your family
  • Detailed understanding of all aspects of your financial position
  • Educational resource for your children and family
  • Stabilizing presence through major life events
  • A dedicated advisor to answer any financial questions you may have