We Act

Whatever the issue at hand, our mission is to take effective action on your behalf.

In the case of investment management, that means having the systems in place to track assets on a continuous basis, and having the authority to affect trades and address portfolio issues promptly.

If we are reshaping your estate plan, it means communicating the appropriate instructions to the attorneys, reviewing the documents to assure they properly effectuate the agreed upon plan, ensuring that assets are titled properly and arranging for execution.

If we are changing your insurance coverages, it means recommending a specific issuer and policy and arranging for the correct titling of the policy and the processing of the application.

If we have recommended refinancing or obtaining a mortgage, it means researching the market for competitive financing, arranging for processing, and following the transaction to completion.

We actively monitor the ongoing affairs of our clients. If market conditions warrant, we modify the portfolio as appropriate. If your personal situation changes, we work through the financial implications and make recommendations in each area. When tax laws change, we consider the implications and discuss them with you. Whenever opportunities or pitfalls materialize, we review the issues and bring a specific, strategic plan to your attention. And, upon receiving your authorization, execute the appropriate action steps.