Ongoing Management and Reporting

On an ongoing basis, we monitor client investments, communicate about markets and portfolio construction, assess tax law changes, analyze personal financial transactions, provide an orientation for adult children on financial matters and advise on any other financial issue that you are – or should be – considering.

We deliver a quarterly consolidated statement that gathers assets across all investment accounts which can also be viewed daily on our secure website. We meet periodically with you to review performance and portfolio construction, and provide updated summaries of your estate plan, real estate holdings and life insurance coverage.

As your personal financial manager, we will:

  • Create a diversified strategy and actively manage your investment portfolio
  • Analyze company benefits (i.e., pension, qualified retirement plans, insurance and other benefits)
  • Reposition life and disability insurance where appropriate
  • Review wills, trust documents and gifting strategies
  • Integrate all personal financial management disciplines: retirement planning, insurance matters, cash flow management, investment management, estate planning and risk management