Estate and Insurance Planning

Estate Planning

Senior Managing Director Gary Sica discusses Estate Planning at KLS

Insurance Matters

Senior Managing Director Bob Schorr discusses Insurance Matters at KLS

Our role is to make sure your estate plan and trust documents are up to date and properly executed. Critical to a successful outcome is our ability to make definitive recommendations and interface with attorneys, insurance providers, and accountants in order to drive the process to completion.

Comprehensive estate and insurance planning includes:

  • Integration of your insurance, estate planning, and investment management strategies
  • Gifting strategies
  • Recommendations for appropriate insurance coverage and competitive pricing analysis
  • Trust utilization for tax benefits and asset protection goals
  • Ongoing management of estate tax exposure consistent with your dispositive intent
  • Ensuring assets are properly titled and trust accounts are opened and properly funded
  • Comparative analysis and recommendations in 529 Plans versus trust accounts